Look, I got something bushy to show ya ll!

It was a spread with the usuals—eggs, toast, pudding, herring—but everything looked a little different. I been in the dog house so many times that when I meet another man I don't know whether to shake his hand or sniff his tail I beg to differ I bought it for a song I busted my hump I can feel it in my guts! Last weekend was great, I went camping, In the woods with my boy scout troop. All loved the idea, but none knew me well enough to help.



after u cum let me lick ur pussy
I want her for myself. Stroke me off, honey.
She's the most beautiful tranny ever!!!!!! She looks like Tori Black. BUT, that was a fucking piss poor video. For Christ's sake, don't over-edit it and stick it in her ass eventually.

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